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Use your I AM B2 Points make a different. By donating points, for every 500 I AM B2 Points you give to charities in our Giving Back Program, I AM B2 will make a $15 THB contribution on your behalf. The more the I AM B2 community. donates, the more the world wil be a better place.

How to donate your I AM B2 Points.
Make a different in the world we live in today is so easy, you can donate it right, now by click the button " Donate Points " or email or phone. we thank you in advance for you generousity.

  • Donate your I AM B2 Points by email
    send an email to denatepoints@iamb2.com and include the following information :
    • Amount of I AM B2 Points you want to donate (must be increments of 500 points)
    • Your name and I AM B2 Card number.

  • Donate your I AM B2 Points by phone
    Call I AM B2 Cunstomer Card and one of our representative will help you make your donate. You will need to provide your name card I AM B2 Card number.



I AM B2, a smart member’s privilege program with its one-of-a-kind e-money system for frequent travelers. I AM B2 is the only member card that can be used to make payments on accommodation and hotel services in any B2 Hotels. The program offers amazing benefits, rewards and exclusive members’ website for news and allowing members to keep track of all transactions, earned points, balance inquiry, reward entitlement as well as exclusive benefits

I AM B2 Customer Service

T: 1328, +66 5200 9161

E: member@b2hotel.com

Website: www.iamb2.com

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